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News You Can Use

Welcome to a new school year of News You Can Use!

Clipart of a girl in a wheelchair using a computer

Last year, the beginning-of-the-month blog focused on different reading programs educators could use with their…

Reading Challenges for You! Summer Reading for Teachers

Summer is a great time for teachers to challenge themselves to learn some additional tools and explore options to support how to read that will help them when students return to school. Based on the blog featured on Edutopia entitled 3…

Featured Books & Reading Tools


Book: Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker
Author: Shelley Johannes
Format: PDF: Accessible
Barcode: 50011665

Featured Books & Reading Tools

~Happy February!~


Book: George Washington’s Socks
Author: Elvira Woodruff
Format: PDF: Accessible, PDF: Fully Accessible, Word, ePub
Barcode: 50000481

A mysterious rowboat transports five adventurous kids…

Featured Books and Tool of the Month


Book: A Lucky New Year
Author: Janet Stutley
Format: PDF: Accessible, Nimas, RTF, HTML, ePub, Daisy
Barcode: 50010530

Featured Books and Tool of the Month


Book: Amelia Bedelia
Author: Peggy Parish, Fritz Siebel
Format: PDF: Accessible
Barcode: 50011394

Featured Books and Tool of the Month


Book: Thanksgiving on Thursday
Author: Mary P. Osbourne
Format: PDF: Accessible, Large Print
Barcode: 50011675

Featured Books and Tool of the Month


Book: The Jacket
Author: Andrew Clements
Format: PDF: Accessible
Barcode: 50010983

Featured Books and Tool of the Month


Book: A Whole New Ballgame
Author: Phil Bildner
Format: PDF accessible
Barcode: 50011163

Accessing Print with Text-to-Speech Technology
What does the research say?

Estimates suggest that 80% of students with learning disabilities receive services for a reading disability. As many as 8 of 10 students with learning disabilities have reading problems so significant that they cannot read and understand grade-level material (Lerner, 2003). One way to help students access grade level material is using Text-to-Speech (TTS).