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Featured Books & Reading Tools


Book: Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker
Author: Shelley Johannes
Format: PDF: Accessible
Barcode: 50011665

Featured Books & Reading Tools

~Happy February!~


Book: George Washington’s Socks
Author: Elvira Woodruff
Format: PDF: Accessible, PDF: Fully Accessible, Word, ePub
Barcode: 50000481

A mysterious rowboat transports five adventurous kids…

Featured Books and Tool of the Month


Book: A Lucky New Year
Author: Janet Stutley
Format: PDF: Accessible, Nimas, RTF, HTML, ePub, Daisy
Barcode: 50010530

Featured Books and Tool of the Month


Book: Amelia Bedelia
Author: Peggy Parish, Fritz Siebel
Format: PDF: Accessible
Barcode: 50011394

Featured Books and Tool of the Month


Book: Thanksgiving on Thursday
Author: Mary P. Osbourne
Format: PDF: Accessible, Large Print
Barcode: 50011675

Featured Books and Tool of the Month


Book: The Jacket
Author: Andrew Clements
Format: PDF: Accessible
Barcode: 50010983

Featured Books and Tool of the Month


Book: A Whole New Ballgame
Author: Phil Bildner
Format: PDF accessible
Barcode: 50011163

Accessing Print with Text-to-Speech Technology
What does the research say?

Estimates suggest that 80% of students with learning disabilities receive services for a reading disability. As many as 8 of 10 students with learning disabilities have reading problems so significant that they cannot read and understand grade-level material (Lerner, 2003). One way to help students access grade level material is using Text-to-Speech (TTS).

February is Low Vision Awareness Month

Low vision affects millions of Americans, including many students attending school. Low vision can impact many areas of a student’s educational experience including reading. There are many ways that students with low vision can access books and be more independent. AIM-VA can help by providing books in large print, audio (text to speech) and digital text.

Keep Your Students Reading Over Winter Break

Research has found that reading just 20 minutes a day exposes children to millions of words a year. Students have a chance to read for 14 days if they take advantage of every day over winter break. At the end of this article you will find a listing of Holiday/Winter books from AIM-VA to help. Also, here are a few ideas that may encourage your students to continue reading over this winter holiday.