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AIM-VA Digital Rights Managers

The Virginia Department of Education and AIM-VA are committed to maintaining adherence to copyright laws. Before a school can request and receive materials from AIM-VA, the school division must appoint Digital Rights Managers (DRM) who are responsible for the usage of copyrighted accessible instructional materials for students with print disabilities. Each division can determine a DRM structure for monitoring and documenting copyright compliance by selecting from the roles below.

Becoming a Digital Rights Manager (DRM)

Any Virginia public school personnel with a school division email address can become a DRM and order for students. All new personnel are automatically entered as a basic DRM. It is then the Division Administrator or Lead DRM within the division who makes any changes to that DRM’s role and responsibility.

Roles & Responsibilities

Division Administrator*Lead DRMCertifying DRMDRM
Order & Manage AIMXXXX
Certify StudentsXXX
Manage DRMsXX
Division-Wide AccessX

*Required Role; default to Sped Director

Terms and Conditions for the Digital Rights Manager (DRM) Ordering Accessible Formats from AIM-VA

In accordance with conditions made by the Virginia Department of Education, the Office of the Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Accessible Instructional Materials of Virginia (AIM-VA) at George Mason University:

  • Students added to the AIM-VA Portal must be eligible for AIM-VA by having 1) the need for AIM in their IEP as outlined by their school division’s Special Education Department and 2) a signed document confirming the have a Print Disability by the school division’s appointed Competent Authority.
  • Accessible formats assigned to eligible students are exclusively for their use; the accessible format may not be reproduced, distributed, or used by other students.
  • Accessible formats provided in Large Print or Braille must be returned to AIM-VA at the end of the school year/summer school.
  • Accessible digital formats downloaded from AIM-VA must be removed from all electronic equipment (i.e., computers, tablets, flash drives) at the end of the school year/summer school.

For more information, contact your special education department or AIM-VA.

How to Become a DRM