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Search for a Book

AIM-VA’s library of accessible instructional materials (AIM) consists of textbooks, reading books, support publications and curriculum-based materials. Our "Search a Book" feature on this website allows anyone to search our entire library catalog as well as our partners; DBVI, Learning Ally and Bookshare, to see what accessible instructional materials are currently available. However, only those registered as Digital Rights Managers (DRMs) in the AIM-VA system can actually order for students.

When searching keep in mind that:

  • ISBN’s for textbooks is the fastest way to find a book.
  • Title’s for reading books and literature is best for finding books that are frequently republished with a new ISBN.
  • A Keyword Search can be done using the ‘Title Search’ field; searching descriptions, genres, and age ranges.
  • No need to use every field when searching.
  • AIM not currently found in the AIM-VA library can be produced if requested by a DRM.
  • VDOE public school personnel can become DRMs using the AIM-VA Ordering Portal.