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IEP Documentation

Should AIM-VA be documented in the IEP?

No, AIM-VA is a service funded through the Virginia Department of Education and should not be explicitly referenced in a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). However, the need for accessible instructional materials (AIM) must be documented in the IEP for access to AIM-VA materials.

How should AIM be documented in the IEP?

Virginia school divisions determine how and where AIM documentation is referenced within the IEP to meet the requirements for a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

Wording Samples

‘Accessible instructional materials’ refer to a number of features and accommodations to support reading. These accommodations are unique to every student. Thus, it can be referenced on an IEP in different ways. School divisions may choose to use alternate phrases that implies more specific accommodations or indicate a similar meaning.

Sample phrases include:

Accessible materialsAccessible educational materials
Access formats of print materialsAccessible learning materials
Specialized formatsAlternative print materials
Alternative formatsAccessible format copies
Audio support learningText-to-Speech
Simultaneous visual and audioEnlarged text
Increased contrast of readings materialsIncreased spacing within text
Text with alternate colorsBraille
Text highlight synchronizationAnnotation features

Placement Samples

The need for AIM can be included in a variety of locations within an IEP. School divisions determine where the wording for indicating the use of AIM should be located. Below are areas where AIM has successfully been placed by divisions in the state.

Assistive Technology ConsiderationsPresent Level of Performance
Objectives (i.e., reading, related services) Classroom Accommodations
Testing AccommodationsAnnual Goals
Supplementary Aids and ServicesService Delivery

Additional Information

For more information about how your division implements AIM-VA, please contact your Division Administrator or Special Education Director. For contacts, log into the AIM-VA Ordering Portal to access Division Users List under REPORTS.