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Protecting Your Students When Reading: Cell phones, iPads, and Kindles

Photo of a young boy holding a computer tablet close to his face sitting at a desk

When students use…

  • a small device such as mobile/cell or iPad/Kindle
  • on a table or desk
  • a typical chair

Using smaller devices such as an iPad, Kindle or cell phone can be more difficult to position at a desktop. This is especially true knowing that posture guidelines remain the same when sitting at a desk and using a desktop computer. The elbows, hips and knees should be at 90 degrees; the feet, flat on the floor; and the screen of the device at eye level when one is sitting up straight.

ALT Text

Laptop displaying the AIM-VA logo with a tag attached to the screen saying "This is the AIM-VA logo"

Happy New Year!

Let’s start the new year by looking at one of the important tools for students using screen readers or who have visual impairments, ‘alt text’ for visual data such as images, drawings, or other graphics.