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Special Educator Carrie Baughcum's Ignite Speech Uses Sketchnotes to Inspire Teacher Innovation

Teachers who heed Carrie Baughcum's message will innovate instruction during the 2016-2017 school year.

Happy 75th Birthday Curious George! Throw A Party With Accessible Books for Struggling Readers

Celebrate literacy by making choice typical in your classroom with the goal of including all types of learners.

Students Who Learn Best with Audiobooks Are Not Cheating! They Are Accessing Their Curriculum

Audiobooks are a "best-fit" format for struggling readers, and some students are eligible for them at no cost.

19 Free, Low-Cost AEM Resources: Teachers Plan Strategically for Progress for Struggling Learners

Combine free and low-cost resources with AEM eligibility and progress comes into view for struggling learners.

90-Second Newbery Films, Accessible Books Empower Struggling Readers to Master Skills

This year, increase flexible learning options. Accessible book formats are essential. Offer multiple ways to tackle assignments.

Inclusive! "Rambles" Is A Free Geography Game With Map + Very Accessible Game Booklet

Teachers can level the playing field with a game booklet that offers choice as to the way players read the text.

44 Tech Ideas, Tools Help Co-Teachers Engage + Include Struggling Learners in Gen Ed Instruction

Once students are included in general education the hard work begins to make the curriculum accessible for all.

Get Quick Smarts about Accessibility from The "CAST/AEM Figuration" Web Creation Tool

An open source Css/Javascript tool is not for teachers, per se, but it quickly sheds light on website accessibility.

#NationalBookLoversDay: AEM/AIM Is A Free Source for Accessible Book Formats Under IDEA

AEM is the best answer for students with print disabilities who need a reliable resource for alternatives to print.

A 30-Second Book Talk + Accessible Books Invite Struggling Readers to Engage in Literacy

When school resumes, pair a novel book review with an array of accessible books.