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International Book Giving Day 2019

International Book Giving Day 14th February

With winter and snow days upon us, celebrate International Book Giving Day by providing the book Granite to your early elementary school readers. Librarians can buy a copy of the book for the school library. Parents can get the book for their child. After obtaining the book, teacher can order an accessible version of the book from AIM-VA.

Picture of Granite book cover

Granite: Iditarod Champion

Do you know about the Iditarod, the job of a musher, or sled dogs? Did you know there are 16 dogs on a team and it takes anywhere from 8 to 17 days to complete the Iditarod? Give the book, Granite, to learn about a real sled dog team that competed in the Iditarod.

Granite is an inspiring book by Susan Butcher and David Monson and is based on a true story. The book is about the journey of a sled dog who never gave up. His owner, Susan Butcher, saw the potential in the pup that everyone said would never be a sled dog. When a moose crossed their path, Granite was hurt badly. Susan worked with him until he made a full recovery. He went on to guide the team through a terrible blizzard. You can read all about his journey in the book.

Photo of sled dog team

His owner was a four-time winner of the Iditarod dog race which covers over 1,000 miles from Anchorage, Alaska to Nome. The book offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the Iditarod, discuss geography of Alaska, acquire new vocabulary, and discover things about sled dog teams. It also reinforces personal qualities such as persistence, determination, dedication and always striving to do your best.

How can you get the book?

The book can be ordered in hardcover or paperback on Amazon or at the University of Alaska Press.

You can also get an accessible version of Granite can be ordered from AIM-VA for eligible students. The PDF: Accessible format is currently available. Also know that within it, there is a signed message to all Virginia students by one of the authors, on the title page!

Signed title page