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Inclusive! "Rambles" Is A Free Geography Game With Map + Very Accessible Game Booklet

Teachers who visit the Library of Congress (LOC) and its American Collection rave about a geography/U.S. treasures game circa 1908 called "Rambles Through Our Country." It is a free download that includes a map of the U.S. (embedded above) and a very accessible game booklet. See what I mean!

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Multiple Accessible Formats

Google digitized the booklet from the library of Harvard University. The wide variety of formats creates a gaming opportunity that is inclusive of all types of readers. This choice holds special value for learners who need alternatives to traditional print due to a learning, sensory, or physical disability. For them, one (or more) alternatives to traditional print is a necessity; but the choices also serve a broader audience of students. Their format preferences arise from their own variability as learners. Imagine if such choices could be typically occurring in classrooms, libraries, and maker spaces.  

Goal Of The Game 

The goal of the game is to help players become "familiar with American geography and the treasures the United States has to offer." A player spins the “teetotum” and places their counter on the matching number on the map. Each number then corresponds to a location and description in the accompanying booklet. Find multiple formats to download in the Internet Archives

Download the map for "Rambles through our country - an instructive geographical game [circa 1908] for the young:" 

 JPEG (235kb)  |  TIFF (222.1mb)

More Geography Ideas From LOC

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