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Digital Learning Day is Thursday, February 23, 2017

Join teachers and students from around the world to celebrate Digital Learning Day (DLDay.) Digital Learning Day was created in 2012 by the Alliance for Excellent Education to spread innovative digital learning opportunities. During this world-wide celebration, teachers and students share ideas about using digital tools in the classroom. The use of digital tools empowers our students with print disabilities by gaining access to printed materials that students need to read for school, as well as materials they want to read for fun. Let AIM-VA assist with your needs, requests, and ideas to help your students get involved reading on Digital Learning Day! Students who successfully use digital tools and accessible materials often improve their grades, test scores, independence, and overall academic success.

How do you get your students involved with Digital Learning Day?

Alliance for Excellent Education has provided a variety of interactive lesson plans to engage students while using digital tools. For example, the lesson Successful Student Book Review Blog supports content area curricula as students blog to communicate new ideas, demonstrate reading comprehension, summarize text, and write to inform and persuade. Reading and writing skills are reinforced as students interact with peers and use real world applications for skills learned at school. Give your students with print disabilities the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas about books with classmates or even other schools. Offer students a great opportunity to showcase their skills using digital tools. Let AIM-VA assist you with ordering these accessible digital books. Reach out to AIM-VA today. We are here to support Virginia qualifying K-12 students and their teachers!

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