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PDF: Accessible (Portable Document Format: Accessible)

A PDF:Accessible file is a digital scan of a book or document that turns printed text into an electronic format that is readable on most computers or portable devices. These scanned files will look exactly like their printed counterpart and will maintain formatting regardless of screen size or magnification. PDF:Accessible files are the most readily available format that is created by AIM-VA. DRMs (digital rights managers) can order these files for any book not already in the AIM-VA library.

Accessibility Features

  • Provides an identical digital representation of a printed book
  • Compatible with text-to-speech programs
  • Can be opened by using a variety of programs on a computer and mobile devices
  • Can have the page size increased without distorting the text
  • Often used as digital large print
  • Most PDF readers will have a series of additional beneficial features such as:
    • Highlights text as it is read for improved comprehension
    • Contains note taking features like in text highlighting and commenting
    • Bookmarking and electronic navigation

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