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Free STEM Resources: Visual Strategies, Digital Learning Enliven Science Content, Maker Spaces

These free resources focus on STEM, visual strategies, digital learning and accessibility.

Engage! "Smithsonian Science:" Free Multi-Media Servings of STEM Can Boost Summer Learning

Students who struggle to read print can keep learning going with free resources from the Smithsonian Institution.

These Multimedia Freebies For Earth Day Offer Supports for Instruction so Everybody Learns

Check out these resources with flexible learning supports to attract and keep students attention on learning standards.

Free Apps, Games Provide An Accessible Path To STEM/ STEAM Content + Skill Building

These free resources help students who struggle to read print to experience science content and build skills.

Pair Cool STEM Videos with Accessible Text to Engage Struggling Readers, Keep Their Attention

Traditional books in print may turn some learners off, but these video lessons paired with accessible text are sure to engage.

Accessing the Chemistry Curriculum with Witty Hand-Drawn Characters for 112 Elements

Teachers who love visual strategies might want to consider this funny depiction of the elements by artist Kaycie Dunlap.

Teachers, Academic Coaches: Get Paid for Taking A "UDL" Course In Science Learning This Summer

High school science teachers and coaches can receive a stipend for work this summer that stands to improve practice with UDL.

PhET's Student-Centered STEM Visualizations, Simulations Engage Readers Who Struggle

When students struggle with print, free simulations from PHeT can aid inquiry, vocabulary, comprehension.

Count On It! Teachley Launches PD Video Library To Advance Teaching with Math Apps

Teachley creates math apps based on cognitive science research. Now, there are videos to help teachers hone instruction.

Free Webinar: Experts Help Teachers Make STEM Learning Accessible: Log In on Feb. 19!

Join Loudoun County's assistive technology experts for ideas, tips, tools and practices to support STEM when students struggle to learn.

Follow our blog to learn more about accessible materials and how to use them successfully with students who have reading disabilities in Virginia.

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