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Making the impossible… POSSIBLE!

The use of digital materials and technology in the classroom allows students to practice these 21st century skills in the educational setting daily; building independence and preparing them for a career in the future. Incorporating digital materials and technology for learning provides opportunities for students with diverse learning styles and abilities to contribute to group activities in the inclusion classroom. These tech tools adjustably scaffold reading and writing tasks for struggling learners. Students with a disability are able to rise to a higher level of learning, becoming active learners in a group setting and building confidence and skills that are needed beyond the classroom.

Best Wishes, Best Books for A Happy 2014 Winter Break from The Staff of AIM-Virginia

Accessible books are easier to find for students who participate in the federally-funded accessible educational materials program.

Explore Secondary Reading Instruction in Content-Area Classes With Iris Center Resources

Web-based interactive modules reveal strategies, supports for high school students who struggle with content coursework.

Free, Research-based Reading Program Adds Vocabulary Feature to Aid Comprehension

Students who struggle with comprehension can get a vocabulary boost online from ReadWorks.

Try A Free Reading Accommodations Guide: Add Muscle To Educational Decisions and Instruction

Don Johnston, Inc.'s Protocol for Reading Accommodations: Is it a teacher's new best friend for on-point learning supports?

Summer Reading 2014: Choose "Just-Right" Books In A Text Format That Is Accessible

Add the value of accessible text to your definition of "just-right" books, then find a really good fit for struggling readers.

Why Did Businessman Mark Cuban Put $250K Into Zoobean, A Curated Children's Book Service?

Zoobean is about children's books, e-books,and apps; but this investment was about something else. What was it? Also find free resources.

Good News for Literacy Instruction: AIM-VA Ordering Just Got Easier for Teachers, Others

Updates to ordering and a new app for navigating the process now smooth the way to literacy because printed books are not your only option.

Top Books, Various Media, Plus An App Unveiled for Teen Literature Day on April 17

Celebrate Teen Literature Day on April 17 with ALA's top picks and an app that leads young adults to reading.

(Let It) Go Disney!

Try Disney's sing-along version of "Let It Go" with a bouncing snowflake to celebrate reading strategies and rhyme during National Poetry Month.

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