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Special Educator Carrie Baughcum's Ignite Speech Uses Sketchnotes to Inspire Teacher Innovation

Teachers who heed Carrie Baughcum's message will innovate instruction during the 2016-2017 school year.

Teachers As Readers: Join ISTE's Inclusive Learning Network's Exciting Summer Book Study

Dive into ed tech discussions with the ISTE Inclusive Learning Network Book Study Group in July.

IEPs & Dr. Seuss: Giggles Here for Teams Crafting Ed Plans That Drive Instruction

IEP paperwork can be grueling so lighten the load with Seuss!

Uncover Free/Low Cost Online Professional Development Modules for AT, SPED, STEM, More

Want a high quality affordable resource to build SPED knowledge? George Mason U's EduTool4U is a learning opportunity for all.

8 Top Apps for Understanding Fractions, Plus Free Webinars in May to "PowerUp" Inclusive Learning

Explore PowerUp What Works, a federal resource focused on disabilities, UDL, technology, and professional development.

Free Virtual Professional Development in March Hones In on Listening, Academics, Digital Learning

Sessions on listening skills, academic content supports, and digital game research are improve educational results.

Free Webinar: Experts Help Teachers Make STEM Learning Accessible: Log In on Feb. 19!

Join Loudoun County's assistive technology experts for ideas, tips, tools and practices to support STEM when students struggle to learn.

Seven Ways to Give Students with Print Disabilities Accessible Educational Materials for Learning

Here is info so you know the seven points during an IEP where eligibility for accessible educational materials can be decided.

Expert Advice Could Unleash Assistive Technology Power, So Visit CTD's Tech Café, Webinars

Flash! The Center on Technology and Disability launches the New Year with online discussions, webinars, and a TweetChat about AT.

"Non-Traditional" Practice Helps Students Understand Math Equivalence, Study Says

Can you lead with the sum during practice and improve math learning?

Follow our blog to learn more about accessible materials and how to use them successfully with students who have reading disabilities in Virginia.

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