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"Falling Letters" Animated Short Depicts Learning Differences, Plus The Power of Parents in SEL

This animated short depicts learning differences and the power that parents play in social-emotional learning.

Check Out Savvy "Parent" Websites for Students Who Struggle That Educators Can Love!

With the changing face of instruction for students with learning and attention difficulties, two parent resources fill an information gap.

"Decoding Dyslexia" Energizes Advocacy in 45 States to Benefit Learners with Dyslexia

Parents use videos, visits, and social media to push for timely and on-point interventions for students with dyslexia.

"Out of The Box Advocacy" Debuts for Parents, With Social Media Wisdom That Teachers Can Use

See why a mother of two children with learning disabilities strikes a common thread for all who help and raise awareness about special needs.

Digital Documents for Parents: Try NCLD's E-Books for Insights Into Learning Disabilities

The National Center for Learning Disabilities offers an array of digital publications to guide and inform parents and guardians.

Resources From The Heart Offered to A Parent Whose Child Has a Dyslexia Diagnosis

A saddened parent's blog brings 81 responses with ideas about where to turn for help for dyslexia: a center, reading programs, and audio books.

Why Did Businessman Mark Cuban Put $250K Into Zoobean, A Curated Children's Book Service?

Zoobean is about children's books, e-books,and apps; but this investment was about something else. What was it? Also find free resources.

Grant Funds for iPads Are Available to Help Children with Autism, Special Needs

This listing comes from Discovery Education.

314 SPED Apps: Reviewed, Rated, Reliable

Three cheers for app listings where there is quality control. Chosen apps here had highest ratings.

Autism-Friendly Theater Performances Are Proof That Awareness Can Turn Into Action

Theater-goers with autism are offered social stories that you can use to create access to assemblies and field trips.

Follow our blog to learn more about accessible materials and how to use them successfully with students who have reading disabilities in Virginia.

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