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White House Science Fair 2016: Tools Unveiled for Teaching Students with Dyslexia, Visual Impairment

The White House Science Fair 2016 is part of President Obama's “Educate to Innovate” campaign so students have tools to innovate and problem-solve.

Hooray It's Pi Day! Watch Talented Kids, Teachers in Song Explain Math Concepts, Vocabulary

My favorite version of a Pi Day Song is a closed broadcast by teachers from Oak View ES in Virginia, but one here charms, too.

"Slide-Around-Math" Low-Tech Math Manipulative Puts Other Number Lines on The Shelf

A special education teacher's math manipulative, including a version in braille, stands to rock math instruction and inclusive learning.

SPED Teachers! These Math Interventions, Progress Monitoring Tools Are for You

Use these resources helps teachers turn research into practice to keep students learning on their grade level.

Count On It! Teachley Launches PD Video Library To Advance Teaching with Math Apps

Teachley creates math apps based on cognitive science research. Now, there are videos to help teachers hone instruction.

Check Out Kickstarter: Tech Innovations Support Math, Coding Skills for Dyslexia, Low Vision

Kickstarter innovations and skillful teachers could open the doors to math for all, including students with disabilities.

Free Webinar: Experts Help Teachers Make STEM Learning Accessible: Log In on Feb. 19!

Join Loudoun County's assistive technology experts for ideas, tips, tools and practices to support STEM when students struggle to learn.

Unlock, "Read" Digital Math Content, Images, Interactivity with MathML Cloud

MathML Cloud takes locked digital math images, equations, interactivity and makes them accessible to students who struggle.

5 New Playlists from "PowerUp" Charge Academic Instruction With Evidence-Based Practices

PowerUp WHAT WORKS offers up strategy guides, quick views, resources, archived webinars, blogs, and tech ideas.

Teachley Wins A Design Award; Publishes A Free Multiplication App Based on Cognitive Science

Apps as an alternatives to print-only learning can offer good design, rich content, and a needed chance to succeed.

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