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Happy Birthday U.S National Parks! Actress Bella Thorne Champions Dyslexia, NPS Sites

Print-only worksheets created by teachers about National Parks can be converted to improve instruction.

Struggling Readers? Pair Multimedia Oral Histories from StoryCorps with "Just-RIght" Accessible Books

Free StoryCorps resources and "just-right" book formats excite learners who struggle with print.

Inclusive! "Rambles" Is A Free Geography Game With Map + Very Accessible Game Booklet

Teachers can level the playing field with a game booklet that offers choice as to the way players read the text.

Teaching about Elie Wiesel? 12 Accessible Ed Options Strengthen How Struggling Readers Learn

Accessible resources open doors to learning about Elie Wiesel who died on July 2.

KidPresident on Video, Other Mixed Media about MLK Can Support Diverse Learning All Year Long

Enliven learning using mixed media for studies across the curriculum when print is a barrier to learning.

Bill of Rights B'Day: Using Google Docs as An Inclusive Collaboration Tool to Draft, Edit History

Learn how people can use technology to collaborate, compromise, and draft a constitution.

Rosa Parks on The 60th Anniversary of Her Bus Boycott: Are Your Learning Materials Accessible?

On the 60th Anniversary of the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott, try learning resources in alternatives formats.

"Serious Gaming:" An Accessible Print Alternative to Enliven Native American Heritage Month

Students that struggle with print need alternative learning formats that can include gaming and other types of interactive learning.

New Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Community: Rich, Accessible Free History Resource Debuts

This digital community brings teachers free lesson plans, discussion ops, primary source materials and more.

Films with Captions/Descriptions Based on Books Celebrate Girls, Women's History Month in March

DCMP offers accessible media items that show positive role models and the importance of women from all backgrounds.

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