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Few Know Their Library Loans Out e-Books: Clues to The Local e-Book Kingdom with A Caution

Local and school libraries have e-books that may meet needs for curriculum access for a few students with print disabilities.

Advocate for Accessible Digital Books During "Read An E-Book Day" Coming Sept. 18

Draw a distinction so librarians know that you desire ebooks with accessible digital text.

Acela Express: Whoo, Whoo! Penguin Adds Best Selling e-Book Excerpts to Amtrak's WI-FI Service

Now, some Amtrak trains will offer excerpts of best-selling e-books and audiobooks while customers travel.

7 Reasons to Pick e-Books: An Author/Book Reviewer Tells Why This Format Is A "Better Read"

Not all e-Books are accessible but those that are help struggling readers "get" the content, access the curriculum.

Free, Rich Media, Multi-Touch Experiences Energize Biology Learning for High School Students

This interactive version of E.O. Wilson's biology content is breathtaking, tied to learning standards, and free!

Accessibility Innovations Pop Up in Digital Books for Schools, Libraries

Ideas once floated as the future of the digital text world are now coming to market as hot topics.

Would An E-book Library Match The Benefits of Having Printed Books in Homes?

Does an e-book library work as well as books in print to build children's literacy?

Digital Documents for Parents: Try NCLD's E-Books for Insights Into Learning Disabilities

The National Center for Learning Disabilities offers an array of digital publications to guide and inform parents and guardians.

Why Did Businessman Mark Cuban Put $250K Into Zoobean, A Curated Children's Book Service?

Zoobean is about children's books, e-books,and apps; but this investment was about something else. What was it? Also find free resources.

E-book Winner Has Roots in Falls Church

Enhanced books go a long way to aid engagement. Here is one from a local digital publisher with a story to tell set close to home.

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