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The Codpast Demonstrates How Ears Can Be Better than Eyes with Text-to-Speech Software

The Codpast offers fresh and contemporary resources for students and adults with dyslexia.

Students Who Learn Best with Audiobooks Are Not Cheating! They Are Accessing Their Curriculum

Audiobooks are a "best-fit" format for struggling readers, and some students are eligible for them at no cost.

Experts Share Insights on Diagnosing, Supporting, Creating Accessible Expert Learning for Dyslexics

Can these reflections on essential instruction, accessibility, and expert learning shape instruction for students with dyslexia?

New! "Dyslexic Advantage" Interactive Newsletter Brings A "Strengths" Focus to Dyslexia

A premium membership is required. Readers get an online publication that builds understanding about dyslexia.

July 19 is Jerry Pinkney Day! He Is A Favorite Role Model for Dyslexia + Achievement in The Arts

Author/illustrator Jerry Pinkney is a role model who connects dyslexia to his many achievements that span five decades.

Muhammad Ali: Does The "Sea of Strengths" Model Apply To This Unique Achiever Who Was Dyslexic?

Muhammad Ali died last week. Do his many talents fit the "Sea of Strengths" model that is associated with individuals who are dyslexic?

Webinar Watch June 2: Petschauer + Hall, Share Strategies, Supports for Students with Dyslexia

Students with dyslexia require certain types of supports for learning. Be sure you know what these are by attending this webinar.

Dyslexia & The Book: Robert Beatty Wrote "Serafina and The Black Cloak" As A Read-Aloud

The origins of the magical mystery-thriller by Robert Beatty is filled with family, location, and dyslexia.

A Capitol Hill Full Committee Explores Dyslexia Where Scientific Research + Education Meet

Progress in scientific knowledge can fuel new directions in educating students who are struggling in school due to dyslexia.

Hear Whoopi Goldberg Speak about Struggling, Succeeding with Dyslexia: Broadcast Live, Free

The Child Mind Institute with bring Whoopi Goldberg as guest at the Adam Katz Memorial Conversation.

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