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Making the impossible… POSSIBLE!

The use of digital materials and technology in the classroom allows students to practice these 21st century skills in the educational setting daily; building independence and preparing them for a career in the future. Incorporating digital materials and technology for learning provides opportunities for students with diverse learning styles and abilities to contribute to group activities in the inclusion classroom. These tech tools adjustably scaffold reading and writing tasks for struggling learners. Students with a disability are able to rise to a higher level of learning, becoming active learners in a group setting and building confidence and skills that are needed beyond the classroom.

Questions Anyone? AIM-VA Can Help!

During recent webinars, we selected the following three questions asked by attendees that we felt would benefit everyone.

Smithsonian Learning Labs: Can Digital Images, Recordings, Texts Found Here Transform Learning?

Will the Smithsonian's new digital collections invent new ways for students to discover, create, and learn?

American Association of School Librarians Pick 2016 Best Websites for "Teaching & Learning"

These websites are best for teaching and learning. Add to your summer "To-Do" list!

Make Inclusion for Students with Disabilities A Love Story with Wise Advice from Lynn Fuchs

Educators misinterpret the access mandate for students with disabilities when inclusion occurs despite a lack of progress.

"Dyslexia" Comes Center Stage at The Varkey Global Teacher $1 Million Award Ceremony

Winning the $1 million grand prize ceremony has a surprise. The film star introducing the finalists says "dyslexia" on the world stage.

Bill of Rights B'Day: Using Google Docs as An Inclusive Collaboration Tool to Draft, Edit History

Learn how people can use technology to collaborate, compromise, and draft a constitution.

10 Resources to Hustle Educators Down The Road to UDL + Inform Accessible Learning

UDL is a framework that help educators optimize teaching and learning based on brain science.

Camp Google Makes Science Accessible Starting on July 13, Follow Up with Accessible Text

A virtual online camp, followed by read aloud and accessible books with learning supports is a great way to learn over the summer.

"Unique Learning System" Wins 2015 SIIA CODIE Award: Summer Curriculum with Symbols Is Free

Struggling readers benefit from visual supports. Check out picture symbols in this winning software that supports language learning.

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