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Students Who Learn Best with Audiobooks Are Not Cheating! They Are Accessing Their Curriculum

Audiobooks are a "best-fit" format for struggling readers, and some students are eligible for them at no cost.

Experts Share Insights on Diagnosing, Supporting, Creating Accessible Expert Learning for Dyslexics

Can these reflections on essential instruction, accessibility, and expert learning shape instruction for students with dyslexia?

Savvy Listeners: Audio Formats Grow So Learners Hear Scary Grimm's Fairy Tales Their Way

Great narrators, learning supports, free editions are options that can engage students with audiobooks.

June Is Audiobook Month: Free APA Literacy Toolkit Points the Way to Audio-Assisted Learning

Resources from the Audio Publishers Association create chances to fall in love with an audio-approach to reading.

Good News for Teen "Ear Readers!" Sync Comes Back in May with Free Audiobook Downloads

Two free audiobook downloads from May to August help students who struggle with print to establish a reading habit.

5 Winning Audiobook Sources, But Be Discerning: Some Students Need Audio + Learning Supports

Teachers and parents face choices when readers struggle: listen-only books or those with learning supports.

Audiobooks, Digital Text: Does "One Size Fit All" Meet The Needs of Struggling Readers? No Way

Carefully choose audiobooks for struggling readers because enriched formats support learning and establish reading habits that can last a lifetime.

Are Grade 3 Decoding, Reading Rates Slow? Then AEM + Audiobooks Are More Important Than Ever

Audiobooks are more necessary than ever in the intermediate grades going forward for access to vocabulary and academic content.

"Audio Promotes Literacy" Infographic Shines, as A #Teachers Book Club Energizes Educators

A data-rich infographic touts the audiobook format, while teachers are reading together to grow professionally.

Create Summer Readers with "Audie 2015" Audiobook Standouts: Support Dyslexia, SPED

Often audiobooks succeed when books in print fail. Energize summer learning with these Audie 2015 best books.

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