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5 Videos, 1 Math Problem: Accessibility + Support = Access, Comprehension, Progress, Achievement

Teachers and parents can do more to bring accessibility front and center to support struggling and able students.

Of All The Quotes on #DGovQt by Past, Present Greats, Here Is A Favorite From Howie Mandel!

I found many sources of inspiration on #DGovQt, but Howie Mandel gets my top honors.

5 Great Tech Tools for Book Reports: The Reveal from Chris,Tucker Bugaj During A UDL Roadshow

Literacy practices here show universally designed instruction in action with great apps, extensions, websites.

Children's Book Week: Free "El Deafo" Bookmark! New Accessible Formats for Struggling Readers

The reading audience expands for Cece Bell's "El Deafo" as new formats make it possible for more children to read on their own.

Enough Inaccessible Digital Text? Assistive Tech Talk Heats Up Over This Elephant in The Room

Digital text is far from being "born accessible." There is tech talk about the Open e-Book app just released by the USDOE.

Meet Grady, Best-Ever Assistive Tech at ATIA 2016! Then Check Out The GMU Staff's Top AT Picks

There were lots of great assistive technologies to consider at ATIA 2016, but Grady supports his owner's balance and won many hearts.

Top Assistive Tech Tips + Tools Ready to Uncover on #MyATStory, ATIA's Twitter Destination

A new social media site shows how assistive technology impacts lives, from those who benefit from it to those who provide it.

Whoa! Check Out 32 "Virtual TechKnowledgy" Vendors for Unique AT Access to Your Curriculum

Virginia's Virtual Techknowledgy Online Exhibit Hall Is Open 24/7 featuring products from assistive tech vendors and projects.

7 Assistive Tech Finds from Dependable Sources: Read These Over The Thanksgiving School Break

With a school break coming up, these assistive tech resources are a good read for educators who want to inform their instruction.

'#HeyAAC' Uses Humor to Convey Smart Ideas in AT, Language, Communication for 2015-16

Check out the wisdom for students who access their curriculum and socialize using assistive communication devices.

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