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4 Videos From The Georgia AT Team Showcase Tech Tools for Reading, Writing, Note-taking, Math

Quick and comprehensive videos show how assistive technology can support struggling learners in reading, writing, math and

12 Apps For Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia Shared with Parents That Teachers Will Love, Too! is a go-to source for sharing information. Check out these updated apps for dyslexia and more.

Jamie Martin Keynotes AEM/AT Conference: How to Enrich Learning for Students with Dyslexia

Learn what evolving technologies support students with dyslexia that were impossible a few years ago.

Swoon! 27 Tried +True Diverse Apps for Learning: Via The ATIA 2016 "App Smackdown"

Assistive technology experts share best apps in a lively session with many take-aways.

Free STEM Apps Via NIH's Library of Medicine Enliven HS + MS Biology, Chemistry, More

Download three free educational iOS apps to boost STEM learning about genetics, chemistry and environmental health science.

8 Reliable Sources Share Apps That Create Access to Curriculum Content Across Grade Levels

This collection of favorite apps from respected sources helps to support the instruction of struggling learners.

Spice Up Math, Other Academic Learning: Check Out 20 Free Academic Apps from The Virginia DOE

Check out apps across the curriculum created through Commonwealth of Virginia initiatives.

Get On Board: Graphite's "Give Thanks, Give Back" Contest Is Your Chance to Win A $50 Gift Card

Teachers who share and give back their favorite Graphite reviewed tech product could win a $50 gift card.

8 Reliable Sources Reveal Best Best Bets for Apps, Websites + Webinars for Accessible Learning

Prospecting for apps is a challenge. The "finds" here offer quality control and come mostly in small batches.

10 Specialists Pick Apps, Websites To Help Special Needs, Struggling Readers Love to Learn

Apps and websites create access to content and skill-building when books in print aren't working.

Follow our blog to learn more about accessible materials and how to use them successfully with students who have reading disabilities in Virginia.

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