E-book Winner Has Roots in Falls Church

Enhanced books go a long way to aid engagement. Here is one from a local digital publisher with a story to tell set close to home.

New! Vetted Videos for Virginia Schools!

Happily, free SOL-aligned award-winning media are ready to download in schools across the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Spreads The Word to End The Word

GMU LIFE program students stare on YouTube as they uniquely express the growing sentiment to end the casual use of the word "retarded."

Hear It Now: Listen To Learn Program Offers Free Audio Description Resources

The art of listening carefully may aid the achievement sighted and unsighted learners of all ages. These free materials may help.

TTAC Online Debuts Parent, Family SPED Website in the Commonwealth

Find special education information curated for families in the Commonwealth,including a virtual showcase for assistive technology.

7 Resources for Brain Injury Awareness Month in March

Students with traumatic brain injuries require a variety of special educational strategies to help them access the curriculum.

March is Music Month

For a minute imagine test bubbles as musical notes and music education as essential. Explore the "Broader-Minded" advocacy campaign and free music-related resources.

Understanding Content Using a Text Reader

All students in the Commonwealth with an IEP can use assistive software as a learning aid at school and at home thanks to a statewide license.

Accessible Sources for Seuss and Read-Across-America Day

Celebrate Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss's birthday with free accessible resources offered annually that bring captions across America.

Black History Month Resources Come in Print and Four Accessible Formats

AIM–VA rolls out resources for Black History Month each February and for studies all year long.

Follow our blog to learn more about accessible materials and how to use them successfully with students who have reading disabilities in Virginia.

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