Harry Potter Returns as A Play: Marketing Strategy Creates Unintentional Accessibility!

The return of Harry Potter as a play and multiple formats create accessibility that supports struggling readers.

Learning Ally Rolls Out A Virtual Chat to Connect Struggling Readers with Dyslexia, LD to Books

Struggling readers with IEPs can not only get audiobooks, they can tap into learning and emotional supports.

Free ! 12 Favorite Quotes from The "Inclusion Lab" as Posters + Free Calendar Light Up Learning

We have our favorite quote about inclusion and it promotes "born accessible" learning materials.

Free STEM Resources: Visual Strategies, Digital Learning Enliven Science Content, Maker Spaces

These free resources focus on STEM, visual strategies, digital learning and accessibility.

Experts Share Insights on Diagnosing, Supporting, Creating Accessible Expert Learning for Dyslexics

Can these reflections on essential instruction, accessibility, and expert learning shape instruction for students with dyslexia?

New! "Dyslexic Advantage" Interactive Newsletter Brings A "Strengths" Focus to Dyslexia

A premium membership is required. Readers get an online publication that builds understanding about dyslexia.

Alleviating the Special Education Teacher Shortage: The Long Story Examined in Under Two Minutes

Special ed shortages are not new. Researchers propose remedies that involve collaboration from leaders to teachers.

"Pokémon GO" Heats Up Summer: A Great Op for Librarians to Promote Accessible Pokémon Books

Pokémon Go's popularity offers librarians a chance to inclusive of formats that support students with print disabilities.

July 19 is Jerry Pinkney Day! He Is A Favorite Role Model for Dyslexia + Achievement in The Arts

Author/illustrator Jerry Pinkney is a role model who connects dyslexia to his many achievements that span five decades.

Check Out Disability.gov's Collected Resources on Accessible Learning, Teaching, Accommodations

Information about learning, accommodations, teaching strategies and bullying prevention are now at hand.

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