Roald Dahl Day Is Sept 13! Order Free Accessible Versions of His Hilarious Books Now From AIM-VA

Students can read Dahl's celebrated books when they are converted from print thanks to AIM-VA and its counterparts nationwide.

Knowledge at Noon: AIM-VA Webinar Series Starts Sept.7! Make Learning Materials More Accessible

Hour-long webinars from AIM-VA are a rich source of information about accessible teaching and learning.

Are Teaching and Learning Ducks in A Row? Not Without Accessibility! The AEM Center Can Help!

When curriculum, instruction and accessibility teams align, teaching and learning improve. Problem is that accessibility teams are few.

"Say Dyslexia" to The Next U.S. President? Writing Project Asks Teens to Share "What Is Important!"

Teens who write a letter to the next president could raise dyslexia awareness as a new administration comes to Washington, D.C.

4 Videos From The Georgia AT Team Showcase Tech Tools for Reading, Writing, Note-taking, Math

Quick and comprehensive videos show how assistive technology can support struggling learners in reading, writing, math and

5 Videos, 1 Math Problem: Accessibility + Support = Access, Comprehension, Progress, Achievement

Teachers and parents can do more to bring accessibility front and center to support struggling and able students.

AIM-VA's Free Webinars Are Back! Optimize Teacher-Made Materials So They Are Accessible

Clear space on your calendar and schedule free AIM-VA webinars to enrich student learning.

Snoopy Enlivens "Library Sign Up Month" While Accessibility Grows in School, Public Libraries

Accessible digital offerings for students do not have to be limited by a school's or public library's collections.

Happy Birthday U.S National Parks! Actress Bella Thorne Champions Dyslexia, NPS Sites

Print-only worksheets created by teachers about National Parks can be converted to improve instruction.

5 Easy Tips for Making Your Social Media Posts More Accessible: Mindy Johnson's Guest Blog

In this post by Mindy Johnson of CAST, she reveals five secrets that improve communications for users of social media.

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