We Need Diverse Books™ Offers Mentorships with Award-WInning Writers! Bring A Story to Market!

Teachers with a book waiting to be written and published should enter this competition offering expertise from a mentor.

AIM-VA's Top Trainings, Webinars Go Live & Online to Make Teaching and Learning More Accessible

Come in person or join a webinar to get expert advice on tools, techniques, and tips on instructing students with disabilities.

Columbus Day 'Guest Blog': Valerie Chernek Discovers Tips for Accessible Reading Success

Check out Jennifer Cassese Appleton's strategies using accessible ed materials that bring school success for struggling readers.

Children's Book Festival Helps Raise Awareness about Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

There is excitement as libraries and book festivals spread the word about accessible educational materials for learners with print disabilities.

Win A "Boxcar Children" Skype Session with Movie Directors: Accessible Book Versions Available

The Boxcar Children books come in accessible versions with learning supports that help struggling students read text on their own.

New Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Community: Rich, Accessible Free History Resource Debuts

This digital community brings teachers free lesson plans, discussion ops, primary source materials and more.

5 Accessible Digital Options Help Learners with Current Events: It's "News Engagement Day"

Create the conditions that establish reading habits. Get the news with accessible learning materials when print doesn't work.

Nominate a Latino SPED Teacher This Week for The White House "#LatinosTeach" Campaign

A White House initiative hopes to to attract more Latinos to the teaching profession. Learn about the digital campaign.

Virginia's Governor Terry McAuliffe Recognizes Dyslexia Awareness Month 2015, Does Yours?

Gov. Terry McAuliffe and several governors are raising awareness about dyslexia. Will all the governors be on board in 2015?

"The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia:" An Educational Film to Grow Wiser, Educate Smartly

This popular feature film can increase understanding and is available in a 1) a DVD version and 2) YouTube format.

June Behrmann

June Behrmann is an education writer-blogger. She’s a longtime SPED teacher who retired for about two seconds, and is now prospecting for accessible instructional resources.

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