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Featured Books and Tool of the Month



Book: A Lucky New Year
Author: Janet Stutley
Format: PDF: Accessible, Nimas, RTF, HTML, ePub, Daisy
Barcode: 50010530

In the book, A Lucky New Year, Ling feels lucky after she sees eight animals from the Chinese calendar. But she finds that being with her family makes her feel even luckier. (Google)

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Book: New Year’s Kiss
Author: Lee Matthews
Format: PDF: Accessible
Barcode: 50011785

Tess and her opinionated older sister Lauren are spending the week after Christmas at the snowy Evergreen Lodge in Vermont--and they aren't happy about it. Their stern grandmother, who owns the holiday resort, is not known for her warmth and good humor. But when shy, straight-laced Tess meets Christopher in the lobby, things are suddenly looking up. Then, Tess decides to get out of her comfort zone and create a bucket list of things to accomplish before the New Year-like singing in public and skiing a black-diamond slope. And Christopher is happy to help, even as he keeps a secret that could turn everything upside down. When the ball drops, will Tess and Christopher share a magical kiss-or will Tess start the new year off alone? (Google)

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Digital Tool of the Month

Tool: Speechify, a Google Extension
Cost: Free (premium version available)

Speechify highlights as it reads to help you follow along while you listen. You can import PDFs into Speechify to convert any book into an audiobook with high quality voices and different speed options. Speechify allows the user to adjust many settings including speed/rate of speech and highlighting words as they are being read. Other features are available in premium version. Also available on Android or iOS.

AIM-VA provides educators a way to have books converted to accessible files for students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Search for books through the AIM-VA website. Books not currently found in the AIM-VA library, can be produced if requested by an AIM-VA DRM (Digital Rights Manager) in any Virginia public school division.