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Welcome Back Awesome Educators


Children's hands cover in multicolored paint and with smiley faces drawn on them reach towards a sign that says Happy New Years

Welcome Back Awesome Educators 

AIM-VA wishes you, “Good health, good luck

and much happiness throughout the year.”


Virginia Educators are committed to transforming the educational experiences for students— where learning opportunities to innovate, create, and pursue passions become the norm rather than the exception. What possibilities await your classroom in 2018?


Technology in the Classroom

  • Are you trying to find the perfect balance for integrating technology into the curriculum and classroom routine?

Classrooms today provide unique learning experiences for our digital natives. Integrating technology into the classroom is essential to broaden those 21st century skills such as planning, critical thinking, and collaboration. As students use educational technology to showcase personal work, art, and writing they can connect with like-minded people in the classroom or across the globe. Technology brings the tools of empowerment into the minds of those who use them.

For more information on balancing technology with learning in the classroom check out this edWeb webinar titled "Creating the Perfect BLT: Balanced Literacy and Technology" 


Technology for Access

  • Are you trying to build more student independence moving into the New Year?

Many students with varying abilities depend on read aloud accommodations to access print. Consider technology to access print and build independence with learning tasks both in and out of the classroom.  Text-to-speech removes reading roadblocks so that students can independently engage with class activities.  Today’s students will use technology throughout their lives. Having the opportunity to interact with technology in the classroom today sets them up for independence. By preparing students with varying reading abilities to use technology they are then able to truly demonstrate their talent and abilities.


AIM-VA is ready to help!

  • Did you know that VDOE provides accessible materials for eligible student’s?

VDOE’s AIM-VA converts reading books, textbooks, tests, practice, and more! Qualifying students are then able to access the print of educational materials through the use of a digital device. These digital natives are comfortable with technology. Take advantage of their ability to easily engage with technology and teach them how to use their devices to their advantage, providing support with reading, writing, and more! Eligible students can use reading technologies with AIM-VA's formats to remove those reading roadblocks and interact with text.

AIM-VA provides training and professional development to educators throughout Virginia. Training can be specific to the needs of the school division or educator. We can provide guidance with the use of accessible instructional material, how to access AIM-VA materials, as well as reading technology support. Take advantage of this service provided by VDOE. Schedule a training specifically designed for you by contacting AIM-VA.