Microsoft Word Document

A Microsoft Word Document is the file type used with the commonly known program Microsoft Word. This format is optimized by using the Microsoft sans serif typeface in black; unless a font color is needed for instruction and active hyperlinks. Due to special character limitations, math, science, and music texts are not available.

Accessibility Features

  • Includes content related graphics which are programmed with alternate text descriptions that can be read aloud.
  • Font style matches the original text (i.e. bold, italics, underline).
  • Page numbers correspond to the page numbers of the printed text.
  • Footnotes are positioned within text to provide greater understanding of content.
  • Headings are created for navigation and can be viewed in the document maps.
  • Microsoft Word files can be easily saved as RTF files

Note: This format requires a compatible text-to-speech program to have the text read aloud.

Works With:

Best if used with Microsoft Word

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