NIMAS Format

NIMAS is the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard. NIMAS means the standard established by the Secretary of Education to be used in the preparation of electronic files suitable and used solely for efficient conversion into specialized formats. This format is only available for text copyrighted in or after 2006. These files are stored in the NIMAC, a virtual library which can only be accessed through AIM-VA.

Accessibility Features

  • If graphics are present, alternative text that can be read aloud may also be available.
  • Electronic navigation through “Table of Contents”
  • Requires special software to read

Note: This format is traditionally used by Authorized Users such as AIM-VA and Bookshare to create other formats. This format is compatible with some software programs but is not commonly used by local education agencies.

Works With:

NIMAS files are source files and are not student-ready. For more information:

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