Large Print

Large print is defined as print for text passages that is larger than the commonly used print and font sizes from eight to twelve points in size. Large Print is created by AIM-VA and available on a first-come, first served basis. AIM-VA maintains its current large print library but is no longer printing new large print texts

Accessibility Features

  • AIM-VA provides most large print books on black and white, spiral bound, 11x14inch paper.
  • Many large print books come in multiple volumes. No volume is greater than 270 pages.
  • Trade books come in 16 point or greater font and are available in a traditional book-bound fashion.
  • For most textbooks, large print will be 18 point font.

Note: If a student needs materials in Large Print, please order the materials in .pdf accessible and print the materials in the font size needed. AIM-VA maintains a large print library but is no longer converting materials into large print.

Works With:

Students who need larger text

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